Waterdown Engagement Photographer // Kaitlyn and Nick

by Jennifer Blaak

March 17, 2019

I’ve known Kaitlyn for many years, so I was thrilled when she asked me to be her Waterdown Engagement Photographer!  This couple’s fun pumpkin patch photoshoot took place at Parkside Farms on a cool and sunny afternoon in October. Nick and Kaitlyn decided on this location because they hadn’t been pumpkin picking together and it was on their list of things to do as a couple – Nick loves pumpkin picking!

This lovely couple initially met online, but talked on the phone for the majority of the time before they actually met in person, for a skating date, at Gage Park in Brampton. Skating is one of Kaitlyn’s favorite things to do and it gave Nick the perfect opportunity to grab her hand!

Nick proposed to Kaitlyn at the zoo. Kaitlyn has a real love for polar bears, and an obsession with bears in
general! She was ecstatic about being able to see polar bears in person. Nick insisted on being at the
polar bear feeding and they ended up seeing these amazing bears twice. Kaitlyn wanted to see them
without a crowd, before the people came for the feeding. After the zoo keeper was finished giving a speech about polar bears, she was about to answer questions from the audience, but suddenly made a special announcement. “Is Kaitlyn Van Helden here?”, she announced.

Kaitlyn admits that she was hesitant in raising her hand, but she said she was ‘freaking out’ thinking about
the chance to feed a polar bear. To her surprise, a huge sign was raised that said, “Kaitlyn Van Helden, I
love you. Will you marry me? – Nicholas Radder” She turned around and Nick was on one knee. She
expressed that she was “so happy and so speechless” and all she could do was nod “YES”. Her heart
was screaming it, but nothing came out! Nick also adopted a polar bear in Kaitlyn’s name (talk about
sweet!) and they ended the special proposal with a private zoo tour.

I asked the bride-to-be what she was most excited about for her wedding day and she responded with, “I am most excited about promising myself to Nick, to walk down the aisle to him and to say our vows. If all goes wrong, I will still be married to him at the end of the day. That’s all that matters to me!” What heartwarming words!

The couple’s wedding ceremony will take place at Wellspring Church because it has been Kaitlyn’s home church for over a year. The people there are very important to her. She commented that, “it’s not about the building,but about having my church family there supporting me.”

They have also chosen the Burlington Convention Centre  for the reception because it was very close for them and looked grande! These two had such a fantastic time during their engagement session and I know their wedding day will be no different.

Their advice for other couples about to have their own engagement session is to “pick a photographer that you are comfortable around so that you can be your best self in the pictures that are going to be around forever”.

I’m so happy you both were comfortable during your session and it shows in the photos. The bride-to-be said her experience was “Great! I can’t wait to be with Jen on my wedding day! I am so comfortable with her and I know that she will make my day so much better, with great pictures to boot!”

Thanks so much Kaitlyn; the feeling is mutual and I look forward to be able to be a part of such a special day in your lives!

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